Creative interactive text ads
grouped into blocks on your web site

QuickAds is a flexible platform that allows you to take text-based ads with logos or images and display them in a wide variety of IAB and full page formats anywhere on your web site. It's like having a Google "ad sense" platform just for your web site!

These text ads link to the advertiser's web site or to a page they build on your site that can feature a large head- line, additional text, multi-photo display and a pdf (for menus or product bro- chures). The ads themselves are search engine optimized, too.

You can create new categories and groupings on the fly. Imagine a "Lunch break" grouping complete with menus or coupons that can change daily. Or how about an online craft fair for the Christmas season featuring hundreds of local artists and craft enthusiasts? Or a service or contractor directory?

The QuickAds platform is easy for you and your customers to use. We've got lots more features coming and upgrades to your system are free. Best of all? It brings new revenue to your bottom line.

  • Targets advertisers that are too small to buy display ads.
  • Easy-to-use, self-service platform.
  • Advertisers can change or update their ads anytime.
  • Ads auto-rotate through your web site.
  • Provides metrics for every ad - clicks and impressions.
  • Takes credit cards and supports auto renewals.
  • Low cost of entry. Quick deployment.
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